Accredited Management Training Accredited Management Training 

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if your company or organisation had no leader or manager? This unsettling scenario is not really a picture you want to see in a modern effective enterprise.

Without someone to guide your team, actions may not be coordinated well-enough and conflicts can arise. If you wish your business or company to grow and be an effective unit, high quality management and leadership training is essential. These are only some of the reasons why having a manager is important. Regardless of what your business or organisation does or what your company offers, it is important for someone to lead the group to ensure that operations run smoothly.

Your business develops through effective managers, who can facilitate employees to work towards the same goals and vision. Where can you find these managers with muscle?

You can transform existing employees who show potential into powerful managers through our accredited management training  courses. Our leadership and management programs are expressly designed to enhance your current managers skills, knowledge and practical abilities and to further hone these skills in just four days.

Accredited through OCN (Open College Network) our accredited management training course is set at an educational level 3 and provides each learner with an accredited certificate, recognising, through assessment, the skill level they have attained.

During this particular course new and existing managers enhance their skills and understanding of the management role, its responsibilities and the required behaviours to be successful at managing and leading people and teams.

Available as both public and in house courses throughout the UK.

What you learn:

By the end of the 4 day course, you can expect to gain experience, knowledge and skills in the following:

  • Understanding your role and responsibilities as a manager / supervisor or team leader
  • How to develop your teams & individuals
  • How to set work objectives and monitor performance
  • How to prioritise your workloads
  • How to give constructive feedback and motivate others
  • What delegation is and how to provide support and motivation
  • Communicate effectively and influence others
  • How to be assertive and deal with other peoples’ behaviour
  • Know your own behavioural skills and attitude towards managing

During the course you cover:

The Accredited Management Level 3 course is split into four modules:

Module 1 – Communication Skills

  • Understand the communication process and identify effective techniques
  • Provide solutions to removing barriers to effective communication
  • Know which communication media is most effective – written, verbal etc.
  • Recognise the impact personal bias has on communication
  • Demonstrate questioning & listening skills
  • Gain a greater awareness of how behaviour affects communication
  • Understand how to give and/or seek guidance with both staff and management

Module 2 – Performance Management

  • Understand the responsibilities of the appraiser and appraise
  • Create agreed individual & team objectives
  • Produce acceptable evidence of performance
  • Accept how positive and constructive feedback can help self-development
  • Develop individual training plans & provide support
  • Understand the implications of appraisal during probationary periods
  • Understand the importance of using non-directive coaching techniques
  • Recognise the importance of dealing with periods of sickness
  • Recognise the importance of dealing with instances of misconduct

Module 3 – Personal Effectiveness

  • Recognise the need for personal consistency and continuous improvement
  • Gain a greater self-awareness of own behaviours and effectiveness
  • Recognise how standards are set and maintained
  • Understand how time management issues can be better dealt with
  • Be able to identify what is important or urgent and how to prioritise work
  • Know how to delegate correctly and effectively
  • Know how to identify assertive behaviour in themselves and others
  • Be able to deal with those who do not act assertively

 Module 4 – Team Working & Individual Development

  • Understand how teams evolve and how dynamics and culture are formed
  • Know how to use the right intervention for a given situation
  • Understand own management style and when leadership is required
  • Understand the impact change has on a team & its individuals
  • Recognise techniques of dealing with change and implementation
  • Identify the relationships with internal & external customers
  • Recognise what good customer service looks & feels like
  • Know how to produce and agree a team development plan
What did you think?

 “great teaching – Dani was clear, knowledgeable, organised, professional and fun”

Elizabeth Lines – Gibraltar Health Authority

“Simply 10 out of 10!”

Michael Cottrell – Bradite

“the course was excellent”

Ada Branfield – Oilfield Production Co

Delivery Formats:

All our in-house training course are available tailored to yours and your companies/delegates needs with our CTP (customised training programme) solution. Designed to meet any challenge or level required. Ask for a full proposal for your training, tailored to suit you. 

Prices Start from £995 for up to 10 Delagates

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