About Us

Our clients often view us as their training partner and not simply a training provider.

About Us

Taylor Mason Training delivers professional and accredited training & development solutions to a wide range of organisations across the spectrum, encompassing FTSE 100 companies, Public sector organisations  through to SMEs.

Click Here to download our Mini Brochure

Click Here to download our Mini Brochure

Our core strength is understanding our clients and their challenges/nuances in respect to the development of their teams and organisations.  Our approach to this is centred on researching and understanding individual business/team needs and creating a training intervention designed to meet these challenges through addressing either skills or knowledge or ability gaps.

As well as tailoring courses for clients to be delivered in-house, we also provide a wide range of public courses which are accessed by individuals that have taken the initiative to up skill and develop themselves.  To meet the needs of these individuals and often our clients too, we have 7 training centres available across the UK.

 What makes us different?

  • We listen

Each of our dedicated and experienced team listen to you and the challenges you are looking to overcome, whether that be our trainers, our friendly account management team or even our finance team!

  •  We deliver

Over the last 7 years we are pleased to say that our satisfaction scores for our training delivery/solutions have consistently exceeded 92%

  • We are accredited

Over the last few years we have recognised the importance of quality and standards within our market, to this end we have invested heavily in ensuring you receive this level of standards and to support this our business has been recognised by awarding bodies including ISMM (Institute of Sales & Marketing Management ),  OCN Credit4Learning (Open College Network).  We are continuing to pursue our accredited status with the expectation that we are to become accredited by CMI, ILM and IIP in the near future.

  • We are competitive

We understand that training is key to the success of any organisation and we wish to make our training accessible to as many organisations as possible therefore we have set our pricing strategy to represent the best possible value within today’s market.

Our clients often view us as their training partner and not simply a training provider.

This is important, as it gives the course you have just completed an external currency and a recognition which differentiates your course and certificate from ‘certificates of attendance’ due to the external quality assurance that accredited courses provide.

Accredited Health & Safety TrainingThe British Safety Council is a global health, safety and environmental charity. We work with businesses to improve their health, safety and environmental management. We campaign and influence, and are champions of young worker safety. Our vision is that no one should be killed, injured or made ill by work activities.

The British Safety Council is a government-regulated awarding body and the only UK awarding body to offer a complete suite of health and safety qualifications from entry level to level 6 in the Qualifications and Credit Framework.

As a regulated awarding body we must comply with a wide range of conditions set by the regulator, so that rigour and consistency in the awarding of qualifications is maintained.

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