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Writing Effective E-MailsWriting Effective E-Mails

This course is designed to cover critical business and professional development topics. Our easy-to-understand format is usually trained through classroom training. With a wealth of hands-on exercises, this course keeps you engaged and help you retain critical skills. E-mail is more prevalent today than ever before. Its instantaneous nature makes it a convenient, time-saving tool for businesses. However, it is also more important than ever to take the time to write messages that are secure as well as clear and error-free.

Writing Effective E-Mails Delivery Method

Instructor-led, group-paced, Online Virtual or classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Target Students

This course is for individuals who need to write clearly and concisely in a professional environment.


There are no prerequisites to this course.

Writing Effective E-Mails Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Plan your Emails

Compose Emails

Create Effective Emails

Format Emails

Manage an E-Mail Overload

Course Content

Lesson 1: Think Before You E-Mail

Part 1: Beware Potential Perils

Part 2: Deciding When to Use E-Mail

Part 3: Addressing Your E-Mail Message

Part 4: Replying to E-Mail Messages

Part 5: E-Mailing to International Audiences

Lesson 2: Composing Your E-Mail Message

Part 1: Collecting Your Thoughts with the Five Ws

Part 2: Writing a Subject Line with Real Oomph

Part 3: Incorporating a Salutation and Signature

Part 4: Grabbing the Reader’s Attention: The Lead

Part 5: Organizing with the Inverted Pyramid

Part 6: Comparing Chronological Writing

Part 7: Getting Started in Three Easy Steps

Lesson 3: Keys to Effective E-Mail

Part 1: Striving for Simplicity

Part 2: Writing with Power…or Paste?

Part 3: Eliminating Mechanical Errors

Part 4: Spelling Counts!

Part 5: Using the Active Voice

Part 6: Avoiding Sexist Language

Lesson 4: Polishing Your Cybermanners

Part 1: Setting the Right Tone

Part 2: Dodging Conversational Pitfalls

Part 3: Watch Your Cyberlanguage

Part 4: Extinguishing Flames

Part 5: Punctuating with Smileys and Shorthand

Part 6: Reviewing Netiquette Guidelines

Part 7: Netiquette Guidelines for Managers

Lesson 5: Formatting Your E-Mail Message

Part 1: Selecting Format Settings

Part 2: Enhancing Readability

Part 3: Sending Attachments with Care

Part 4: Battling Electronic Viruses

Lesson 6: Managing E-Mail Overload

Part 1: Controlling Your In-Box Clutter

Part 2: Reducing Spam Intake

Part 3: Organization-Wide E-Mail Management

Part 4: Devising an E-Mail Policy for Your Organization

Part 5: Using a Sample E-Mail Policy as a Guide

Extra Lesson:

Part 1: Drafting Electronic Writing Style Guidelines for Your Organization

Part 2: Directory of E-Mail Hardware

Part 3: Authors’ Suggested Responses to Exercises

Part 4: Glossary of E-Mail Terms

Part 5: Recommended Reading

Online virtual and Training Locations

When this course is not held Online Virtual, we have training locations in cities across the United Kingdom such as: Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Slough etc.


tuesday 22 february 2022 9:15 AM - tuesday 22 february 2022 4:30 PM