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Microsoft Excel Advanced

Microsoft Excel Advanced 

Microsoft Excel Advanced Course builds on the foundational and intermediate knowledge presented in the Microsoft Excel Introduction and Intermediate courses to help you get the most of your Excel experience.

The ability to collaborate with colleagues, automate repetitive tasks, and use conditional logic to construct and apply complex formulas and functions will put the full power of Excel right at your fingertips. The more you learn about how to get Excel to do the hard work for you, the more you’ll be able to focus on getting the answers you need from the vast amounts of data your organisation generates.

This course is suitable for anybody wanting to learn 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007, as it cover all the aspects and differences between the versions.

Delivery Method – Virtual Online

What is virtual training? 

Virtual training is online, live, interactive classroom style video training. It is modelled on the traditional classroom experience with a live video stream.

What software do I need? 

You will obviously need a computer, tablet or mobile with internet access. We run training through a browser app so there is no need to download any additional apps. Microphone and webcam (or mobile camera) access is preferred but not essential.

What will I see on my screen?    

You will see a live video stream of the trainer. They will be able to switch between their stream and the virtual whiteboard to give examples and further explain content visually.

Can I ask questions during the training? 

Of course! You can either type questions in the chat function or speak directly to the trainer through microphone.

We run high numbers  of these course every year, for dates or any queries please email us.

Delivery Method – Classroom £295 (COVID 19 Health practices will apply)

Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Target Students

This course is designed for students who desire to gain the necessary skills to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Office Excel worksheets.


Before taking this course, students are recommended to take the following courses, or have equivalent knowledge:


This course is one of a series of courses that addresses Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (Microsoft Business Certification) skill sets. The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist program is for individuals who use Microsoft’s business desktop software and who seek recognition for their expertise with specific Microsoft products. Certification candidates must pass one or more proficiency exams in order to earn Microsoft Certified Application Specialist certification.

Microsoft Excel Advanced Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Work with multiple worksheets and workbooks simultaneously.
  • Share and protect workbooks.
  • Automate workbook functionality.
  • Apply conditional logic.
  • Audit worksheets.
  • Use automated analysis tools.
  • Present your data visually.


Microsoft Excel Advanced Course Content

Lesson 1: Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks Simultaneously

Topic A: Use 3-D References

Topic B: Use Links and External References

Topic C: Consolidate Data

Lesson 2: Sharing and Protecting Workbooks

Topic A: Collaborate on a Workbook

Topic B: Protect Worksheets and Workbooks

Lesson 3: Automating Workbook Functionality

Topic A: Apply Data Validation
Topic B: Work with Forms and Controls
Topic C: Work with Macros

Lesson 4: Applying Conditional Logic

Topic A: Use Lookup Functions
Topic B: Combine Functions
Topic C: Use Formulas and Functions to Apply Conditional Formatting

Lesson 5: Auditing Worksheets

Topic A: Trace Cells
Topic B: Search for Invalid Data and Formulas with Errors
Topic C: Watch and Evaluate Formulas

Lesson 6: Using Automated Analysis Tools

Topic A: Determine Potential Outcomes Using Data Tables
Topic B: Determine Potential Outcomes Using Scenarios
Topic C: Use the Goal Seek Feature
Topic D: Activate and Use the Solver Tool
Topic E: Analyse Data with Analysis ToolPak Tools

Lesson 7: Presenting Your Data Visually

Topic A: Use Advanced Chart Features
Topic B: Create Sparklines


When not held as an online virtual training course, we have training locations in cities across the United Kingdom such as: London, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Slough etc. This course can also be held at your location


wednesday 26 january 2022 9:30 AM - wednesday 26 january 2022 4:30 PM